I found a ‘ghost’ in my room using TikTok – I froze immediately when I saw it


A WOMAN doing a TikTok dance along in her apartment received a visit from a mysterious guest.

TikToker @abbyjhouser turned her video on, picked a filter, and started dancing – but then froze when she spotted a ghost.


Abby was dancing on TikTok when she spotted the random faceCredit: TikTok
She wrote that the face randomly appeared in her TikTok video


She wrote that the face randomly appeared in her TikTok videoCredit: TikTok

The filter Abby chose turned her body into an animation, with flashing colors changing on the screen.

Seconds after she begins dancing, a face appears on the right hand side of the video.

The face is animated and appears to have sunglasses and a smile.

Generally with filters, a face is only shown when picked up from a real person in the frame, leading some to believe it could have been a ghost appearing on screen.

“the ghost literally said “dont mind me, just watching,” one TikToker commented.

“the fact it had a face and no colors,” said another, alluding to the fact that while Abby’s body was changing colors with the filter, the random face didn’t appear to have a body.

Some TikTokers laughed off the appearance of the mysterious face.

“I usually get so scared of this stuff but I just laughed so hard. The filter is so funny,” one person wrote.

“Im legit dying rn crying laughing OMG,” someone else said.

Others were disturbed by the video, believing that an actual ghost appeared.

“immediately no. i’m telling you right now. i’ve seen what i needed to see. immediately no,” wrote another.

“You thought you were alone in your apartment,” someone else said.

“I would’ve starting swinging at the air,” another chimed in.

But some were quick to point out that the ghost could’ve been a simple glitch.

“No it’s just a glitch your eyeglasses left when they appeared there,” one user wrote.

The video has been viewed more than 4.7million times.

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