I can’t stop sucking on my dummy even though I’m an adult


DEAR DEIDRE: I BOUGHT myself a dummy in a bid to stop sucking my thumb but now it has become an obsession.

I’m a single woman of 41 and have always been a thumb-sucker.


I have no desire to be a baby again but I just like using one

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One evening a friend came over and we were watching a film. She caught me doing it and laughed at me.

So now I try really hard not to do it in public. Instead, I use dummies at home.

The first time I bought one the girl in the pharmacy smiled, probably thinking I had a child at home.

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Now I have six or seven. I sleep with one under my pillow in case I wake.

I have no desire to be a baby again but I just like using one.

DEIDRE SAYS: You are not doing any harm to anyone but this may affect your teeth. And clearly, this habit is worrying for you.

You are an adult, so you can deal with this yourself. Take a hard line and throw away these dummies.

If you revert to sucking your thumb again, nail-biting lotion will remind you it is no longer pleasant.

Take note of the times and triggers when you tend to reach for a dummy or your thumb.

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See if you can change your patterns around those moments.

If watching TV is a trigger, for instance, could you get plain popcorn to occupy you?


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