Here’s how a TISSUE trick will get your baby to sleep in less than 60 seconds


FOR many parents, getting baby to sleep can be one of the most challenging times of the day.

It might feel as though you’ve tried every trick in the book when it comes to putting them down for the night.


Experts have said that using a tissue can help your baby drift up to sleepCredit: Alamy

Before you attempt anything else, experts say you should avoid letting baby nap too close to bedtime, as this can make them more energetic and less likely to fall asleep quickly and easily.

You should also make sure they are in a structured sleep routine that is consistent.

But sleep gurus at Babysense say there is probably one method you have never heard of that can help them drift off in under 60 seconds.

“By simply getting a dry tissue and gently stroking it down your baby’s face repeatedly until their eyes start to close, you should see amazing results.

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“It’s a highly effective trick but it’s important to use a dry tissue only and not a wet wipe”, they explained.

While the tissue method might not send every baby to the land of nod, the specialists said you could also try incorporating the sound of running water.

“It’s understandable that parent’s won’t want to leave a tap running and waste water, so think ahead and take a recording of the sound after washing your hands or brushing your teeth”, they added.

One of the biggest comfort to babies, the experts said, is the presence of their parents.

When your baby wakes up in the night, you can gently stroke their cheek to calm them, this they say, should help them drift off.

Another technique is to use calming lotions.

“If your baby has a bath before bed, then consider massaging them with baby lotions.

“Where possible, purchase a lavender lotion as studies have shown that lavender improves the quality of a baby’s sleep and can be used at any point during the day”, they said.

Dr Chris Seton previously said that if you can get your toddler on an average night asleep within 20/25 minutes then that’s normal.

However, Dr Seton also revealed that a lot of baby sleep issues can be down to genetics.

“A little kid with difficulty going to sleep and waking during the night has got a high chance of insomnia if a mum or dad has a history of that.

“Insomnia is I feel tired, I feel like I need to sleep but I just cannot get to sleep. That’s called sleep onset insomnia and it is highly genetic.”

There’s also sleep maintenance insomnia – when a child wakes up during the night, can’t get back to sleep, calls out to their parents and goes into their room.

“And of course these little kids can’t tell us that they have trouble,” he said.

“They then develop what’s called sleep onset dependencies – they become dependent on things to get to sleep.”

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This can be a good dependency, on something like a teddy bear, or a bad dependency, on a mum or dad.

“Because if you’re a three year old and you need your mum or dad to be with you when you go to sleep at bedtime, guess what you’re gonna need when you wake up during the night, the same thing,” he explained.

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