Harry’s ‘rants about William & Charles so extreme he was told to get therapy’


‘Would be best’ Prince Harry does not attend Royal Jubilee

According to a royal historian, Prince Harry deciding not to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 celebrations “would be the greatest gift”.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers has argued for Prince Harry to not attend celebrations, and told ITV’s The Royal Rota podcast: “There are other forces working on Prince Harry I mean he’s got contracts with publishers, he’s got Netflix deals, he had a Netflix crew following him around and he has a wife.

“I think all these people are controlling him in a different sort of way.”

Referring to Prince Harry’s recent interview with a US TV outlet, he said: “American interviewers are very aggressive and they want answers to these things.

“Presumably, he went along to talk about the Invictus Games and of course, he got the inevitable questions, which is why actually, I would rather hope that he doesn’t come to the Jubilee.

“Because I can see that whole of the media will be speculating as to whether he’s getting on with his brother or his father or how he looks at his grandmother and so forth. 

“He would do best to stay away.”


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