Harry Styles boasts of cocaine, drinking & wild sex on new album Harry’s House


HIS evolution from a squeaky clean One Direction pop idol to a bad boy solo star is complete.

And if you thought Harry Styles’ hit Watermelon Sugar was a tad risqué, you might want to give his third album a swerve.


Harry Style’s new album Harry’s House features his most explicit content to dateCredit: Getty
The singer boasts about taking cocaine and having sex with unnamed lovers


The singer boasts about taking cocaine and having sex with unnamed loversCredit: Getty

Harry’s House, out on May 20, features his most explicit content to date, including boasts about taking cocaine and having sex with unnamed lovers.

It is a dead cert to go to No1 but some of the songs may shock his loyal fan base, with his out-there anecdotes of hedonism.

Harry sings about drug taking on three tracks, Keep Driving, Daylight and Satellite, which also appears to lament a break-up with a previous lover.

Lyrics include: “You got a new life, am I bothering you? Do you want to talk? We share the last line.”

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In Daylight he also references drugs and a lost love, singing: “You were just doing cocaine in my kitchen, you never listen. I hope you’re missing me by now.”

In Little Freak, Harry writes about a wild house party, singing: “I spilled beer on your friend, I’m not sorry. A golf swing and trampoline, maybe we’ll do this again.”

The track continues: “Jumped in feet first and I landed too hard, a broken ankle, karma rules, you never saw my birth mark.”

Fans will get hot under the collar when they hear Cinema, where he sings about getting down and dirty.

Most of the raunchy lyrics are too X-rated to print in a family newspaper but in one line he sings: “I guess you’re all mine, now you’re sleeping in this bed with me.”

As well as ex-lovers and his tales of partying, Harry also appears to hint at finding happiness with his girlfriend, actress Olivia Wilde.

Olivia, ten years Harry’s senior, has been dating the singer since late 2020 and I’ve no doubt she’ll be chuffed to hear his sweet nothings about her on Day Dreaming and Keep Driving, where he sings: “Maple syrup, coffee and pancakes for two, hash brown, egg yolk, I will always love you.

“Passports and footwells, kiss her and don’t tell.”

I maybe wouldn’t play Olivia the rest though, Harry. Although I am sure she is not the jealous type.

Harry’s House – Track-by-track

Music For A Sushi Restaurant – is something Bruno Mars would be proud of

Boyfriends – laments staying with a lover who drinks too much

Daydreaming – a proper love song which Oliva will love

Matilda – the darkest track on the album

Satellite – references drugs and an on/off lover in LA

Love Of My Life – recalls realising someone is The One after you’ve split

Daylight – more drugs and missing a former lover

Grape Juice – drinking alone and trying to forget your feelings

Late Night Talking – reveals Harry falling in love and travelling the world

Cinema – more explicit than Watermelon Sugar with the same sentiment

Little Freak – a very messy house party

Keep Driving – gives an insight to Harry at his happiest

Smokin’ Megan rinses exes

MEGAN Thee Stallion is soaking up the adoration from fans – as well as her bath suds – after dropping new single Plan B.

The rapper posed naked in a tub with a cigarette to promote the song, which is out today.

Megan Thee Stallion posed naked in a tub with a cigarette to promote her song Plan B


Megan Thee Stallion posed naked in a tub with a cigarette to promote her song Plan BCredit: Supplied

Megan performed her latest track for the first time during her set at Coachella festival in California last weekend.

She isn’t particularly complimentary about her exes in the single, saying she took birth control pills so she could be in charge of her own life.

In the opening verse, Megan raps: “Dear f**k n***a, still can’t believe I used to f*** wit’ ya, poppin’ Plan B’s ’cause I ain’t planned to be stuck wit’ ya.”

She then belts out the chorus which includes the lines: “Ladies, love yourself, ’cause this s*** could get ugly, that’s why it’s, ‘F*** n***as, get money.’”

It’s a bit on the nose for me, but I think Megan’s fans are going to go wild for it.

Nic’s on snake-y ground

NICOLAS Cage has revealed he once spent £60,000 on a two-headed snake.

But he had to give it away after struggling to look after it.

Nicholas Cage revealed he once spent £60,000 on a two-headed snake


Nicholas Cage revealed he once spent £60,000 on a two-headed snakeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

In a typically strange interview on US telly, the Hollywood A-lister said: “I was dreaming about two-headed eagles.

“One night I had this dream and then the next day my manager at the time got a phone call saying, ‘I’ve got a two-headed snake and I think your client Nic Cage would be interested’.”

He had just recalled an anecdote about donating £15,000 to an orphanage and admitted the serpent cost “four times the amount”.

But explaining how his relationship with the snake became slippery, he continued: “They would fight. One head was more dominant than the other. Why? It was going to the same stomach.

“But I would have to put a spatula between the two heads to feed them and it just got a little too freaky for me.

“So I took it to the zoo. It lived for 14 years and it died just recently.”

Calvin’s wav No2

CALVIN Harris is finally returning with his first album in five years, Funk Wav Bounces Vol 2.

The Scottish DJ, who has an Ibiza residency at Ushuaia with MK this summer, confirmed the news by sharing a photo of a billboard on Instagram which featured the title, alongside the caption: “Summer ’22.”

Calvin Harris is finally returning with his first album in five years


Calvin Harris is finally returning with his first album in five yearsCredit: instagram

Volume 1, released in 2017, featured collaborations with Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean and Nicki Minaj, so there are high hopes about who will be on the new album.

Fans are sure Dua Lipa will be one of them, after the success of her 2018 Calvin collaboration, One Kiss.

Her dad and manager Dukajin commented a string of flame emojis on Calvin’s post, with one fan replying: “Is this a sign that there’s a Dua Lipa collab on this new album?”

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Baby names

PRIYANKA Chopra and Nick Jonas have named their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas.

The monika was revealed after the birth certificate for the tot, who was born via surrogate in San Diego in the States in January, was obtained in the US.

Malti is said to symbolise a small flower or moonlight.

Noel tunes out noise … just as he did with bro

HIS brother Liam admitted this week his body is falling apart, leaving him needing a double hip replacement.

But his estranged sibling Noel, who is five years older, is fighting fit and says he has even managed to naturally reverse his tinnitus.

Noel Gallagher says he has managed to naturally reverse his tinnitus


Noel Gallagher says he has managed to naturally reverse his tinnitusCredit: Getty

The High Flying Birds frontman said he developed the condition, which leaves sufferers with a constant ringing in their ears, after performing in front of loud amplifiers with Oasis.

But he says after learning to tune out the sound in his head, his hearing is back to normal.

He told Matt Morgan on his podcast: “I had tinnitus for a while. It’s very high-pitched whistling.

“What tinnitus is, is the sound of your brain. What happens in most cases is once your brain gets used to this sound it will just tune it out.

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As soon as your brain has accepted that it’s all right then it will just dial it out. Fascinating.

“And it did. It took about a year and now I can’t even hear it because my brain has gone, ‘Oh, I know what that is, that’s normal’.”


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