Grand Designs viewers appalled by couple’s ‘ready built’ home delivered in parts


GRAND Designs viewers were left gobsmacked after one very modern home was built in just two days.

Presenter Kevin McCloud followed couple Prabhjot and Shalini on their ambitious – but very brief – journey.


Kevin McCloud with Prabhjot and Shalini

The Channel 4 show gave fans a look into the Oxfordshire home build, which was set to be a breeze, given it was a ‘ready built’ house.

After selling their previous property in Slough, they opted for the modern take on a self-build, and had a budget of £500,000

They’d found a Polish company to create their home, which is made entirely off-site and sent over to the UK.

It was shipped over to England ready to assemble in a matter of days.

Host Kevin was blown away by the concept, which he called “glorious”.

However, fans of the show watching at home weren’t impressed with the design.

It didn’t take the viewers long to share their opinions on Twitter.

One wrote: “Half a mil and your house turns up on the back of a lorry.

“Think I’d prefer more of a hands-on approach.”

Another agreed: “If I were spending that much on a house I would want more outside space.

Their home was slotted together in a matter of days


Their home was slotted together in a matter of days


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