Gayle King’s most explosive interviews ahead of Megan Thee Stallion chat


GAYLE King’s interview with rapper Megan Thee Stallion is set to air today and the music star will shed light on allegations that she was shot in 2020.

The bombshell interview comes just years after R-Kelly erupted with rage while being quizzed by King about his sexual assault allegations.


Megan Thee Stallion’s interview with Gayle King is set to air todayCredit: CBS
R-Kelly erupted with rage as the CBS presenter quizzed him about sexual assault allegations


R-Kelly erupted with rage as the CBS presenter quizzed him about sexual assault allegationsCredit: EPA

And, the journalist came under fire for discussing Kobe Bryant’s 2003 rape case with one of his best friends – just days after his tragic death.

The interview, which is set to air during Monday’s episode of CBS Mornings, will see Megan Thee Stallion reveal all about the shooting that apparently took place in Hollywood in July 2020.

She claims she was shot by Tory Lanez – allegations which he vehemently denies.

The Texas-born rapper reportedly told her friends that she wanted to leave.

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“It was an argument because I was ready to go and everybody else wasn’t ready to go,” Megan told Gayle King, per CBS.

“But that’s, like, normal friend stuff … It shouldn’t have got this crazy.”

She then exited the vehicle they were in and alleged Lanez began firing a gun at her.

“So I get out of the car and it’s like everything happens so fast,” she continued.

“And all I hear is this man screaming. And he said, ‘Dance, b***h.’

The star admitted that she feared for her life.

Megan added: “And he started shooting. And I’m just like, ‘Oh, my God.’

“Like, he shot a couple of times. And I was so scared.”

When asked where he was shooting from, Megan responded: “He [was] standing up over the window shooting.”

She continued: “And I didn’t even want to move. I didn’t want to move too quick. I don’t know if he could shoot me and kill me.”

Lanez has been charged with felony counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm; personal use of a firearm; and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and is expected in court in September of 2022.

Earlier this month, Lanez was once again arrested in relation to this case as he allegedly violated the terms of a pre-trial protective order.

The Sun takes a look back at some of King’s past explosive interviews.


King and Caitlyn Jenner clashed in a tense exchange after the host questioned if the reality TV star was qualified to be California governor.

Jenner revealed in April 2021 that she was running to unseat Gavin Newsom in a recall election.

She told King: “It was not an easy decision to do this it took a lot of time, a lot of talking to people but when I first decided, I thought I was very qualified.

“Why? Because I’m an outsider. Right now, I have no ties to Sacramento and I think that’s a good thing to be from the outside.”

King hit back by asking: “How do you feel you can fix those things with no political experience?

“Some would argue that now more than ever  you need someone with political experience.”

Jenner responded: “What do you mean by political experience?

“In 1973, when I moved to San Jose, I’ve been in California for 48 years, why did I go to San Jose? To train for the last four years leading up to the games because that’s where the greatest athletes of the world lived.”


R-Kelly furiously dismissed sex abuse claims in an emotional exchange with King in 2019.

Erupting with rage, the rapper insisted he’s innocent of allegations he sexually abused four women, including three underage.

Kelly sobbed and looked directly at the camera as he said: “I don’t need to – why would I?

“How stupid would that be for R Kelly, with all I’ve been through in my past, to hold somebody. Use your common sense.”

He became more agitated and banged on his chest as he exploded: “Stop it, quit playing. I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me. I’m fighting for my f***ing life.”

In another segment, Gayle asked Kelly: “Do you still sit here and say that you have never been with underage girls?”

The I Believe I Can Fly singer responded: “I’ll sit here and say this – I had two cases back then that I said at the beginning of the interview that I would not talk about because of my ongoing case now.

“But, I will tell you this: people are going back to my past and they’re trying to add all of this stuff now to that, to make all of the stuff that’s going on now feel real to people.”

In September 2021, Kelly was found guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering.

He was convicted of several violations of the Mann Act, which makes it illegal to transport anyone across state lines for “any immoral purpose”.


Days after Bryant died in a helicopter crash in January 2020, King sat down with Lisa Leslie to discuss the late NBA star’s life.

One of the topics that came up in the chat was the 2003 sexual assault case in Colorado that was ultimately settled out of court two years after it was first filed.

King said: “It has been said that his legacy is complicated, because of a sexual assault charge that was dismissed in 2003, 2004. Is it complicated for you, as a woman, as a WNBA player?”

Leslie was visibly upset and perturbed that King would even ask that question.

She said: “It’s not complicated for me. I have never seen him being the kind of person that would be, that would do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way.

“That’s just not the person that I know.”

King faced a huge backlash after the interview aired as she was heavily criticized.

OJ Simpson said: “They’ll be plenty of time in the future to bring up all aspects of Kobe’s life. I know this thing about Kobe, she’s going to claim journalistic integrity.

“A whole lot of people who have journalistic integrity didn’t feel that this was the right time to do that.”

Rapper Snoop Dogg also laid into King before later apologizing.

King claimed the CBS network heavily edited a segment of the interview as she responded to the backlash.

She said in an Instagram video: “I’ve been up reading the comments about the interview I did with Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant, and I know that if I had only seen the clip that you saw, I’d be extremely angry with me too.

“I am mortified. I am embarrassed and I am very angry.”

King later explained her reasons for asking the question amid the fury.

She said: “I wanted to get Lisa’s take on it as a friend who knew him well, what she thought, where that should stand.

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“It was very powerful when she looked me in the eye – as a member of the media – to say: ‘It’s time for the media to leave it alone and to back off.'”

CBS didn’t respond to requests for comment when approached by The Sun.

King questioned Caitlyn Jenner's experience to defeat Gov. Newsom ahead of the California recall election - sparking a clash on air


King questioned Caitlyn Jenner’s experience to defeat Gov. Newsom ahead of the California recall election – sparking a clash on airCredit: Twitter/CBS This Morning

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