Furious Netflix users rage at plans for ads and shared login ban


FURIOUS Netflix subscribers have already began leaving the streaming service over huge plans to get more money out of them.

The Stranger Things and Crown-hitmaker wants to charge people more for sharing their account with other households and could also introduce adverts for the first time.


Subscribers are not happy with Netflix’s latest ideaCredit: Getty

The drastic changes come as bosses admitted this week that they had lost 200,000 subscribers – its first drop in a decade.

But with people’s budgets already tight during a cost of living crisis, it looks like many are already jumping ship.

Most of the anger seems to be directed at the idea of annoying adverts appearing.

“For me, @netflix adding commercials is an immediate cancel of service. Absolutely NOT paying to watch ads, why I can’t stand cable,” one subscriber tweeted.

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“The minute Netflix adds ads, is when I cancel,” another added.

“It’s like you want me to cancel my subscription @netflix,” a third complained.

Meanwhile, others are thinking about getting their own back by subscribing tactically.

“I’ll dip in when things are on it I want to catch up on,” one person said.

“It’s not worth £168 a year for the 3-4 shows I actually watch on Netflix.”

The streaming giant is considering ads as an option for a cheaper subscription, while those willing to pay top dollar can carry on without them.

Rivals are already doing similar, such as Game of Thrones maker HBO on its HBO Max platform in the US.

An insider revealed to The Sun that the cheaper ad-supported plan could cost £5.49/$7.99.

Meanwhile, the other way Netflix wants to claw more money in is by cracking down on password sharing.

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An estimated 100million accounts are shared with people outside of their household.

A new payment plan is already being tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, where bill payers are told to pay about $2-$3 (£1.53-£2.30) extra for two additional profiles.

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How Netflix’s prices have jumped over the years

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