Fuming Mum left with £750 bill after family refuse to stay in holiday hotel


AN OUTRAGED mum has divided opinion after she said she was left with a huge bill when her family ditched holiday plans she had made.

The mum-of-two had planned a holiday to Majorca along with her children, husband, his parents and her own father.


A family holiday was thrown into chaos when an argument eruptedCredit: Alamy

The accommodation was booked after all agreeing on a location and how the cost would be split.

But when an argument erupted between the husband and his parents, the mother-in-law decided to book separate accommodation and then refused to pay the £750 that was their share of the cost.

The anonymous woman took to online forum Mumsnet to get advice from other parents.

She wrote: “Over Easter we went down to Cornwall for a week and whilst there DH [dear husband] had a disagreement with his stepdad.

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“Nothing to do with holiday whatsoever but ended in very heated discussion and MIL [mother-in-law] getting upset.

“Without consulting us MIL booked separate accommodation for July, saying she needs ‘somewhere to go should things kick off whilst we are on holiday’. She also decided without discussion that what we had booked is not big enough.

“When asked, she stated they would not pay their share of the one I’d already booked. This leaves us with £750-ish added to our holiday bill without any consultation. I am livid.

“Am I being unreasonable to think you can’t just decide not to partake in an agreed holiday without paying your share? If I had already got their share, she would not have booked a new place! What do I do now?”

Other MumsNet forum users rushed to respond to the question, with one asking: “That is very cheeky and petulant, are you able to change?”

Another put: “I think I would try and cancel the accommodation if possible and get somewhere cheaper, and not go on holiday with them again. If you do, I would get the money upfront before booking anything.”

Someone else said: “I’d be furious and in fact not want to go with them in view of her very childish behaviour.”

Not everyone was on her side – one person said: “I can see your MILs point, if there is a tense atmosphere now in the family.”

Another person added: “On the other hand if your DH / FIL have form for kicking off and causing drama I can see why she wouldn’t want to stay in the same house.”

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It isn’t the first time a family were divided over holidays – a man was slammed after his sister said she always paid for his holiday.

And a woman shared a video kicking sand at a man who sat too close to her on a beach – but not everyone agreed she was in the right.

The mum-of-two has divided opinion with her question


The mum-of-two has divided opinion with her questionCredit: Alamy


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