Frequent flyer reveals how to get free upgrades without having to pay for it


A FREQUENT flyer has revealed how she gets upgraded from economy to business class without having to pay for it.

TikTok user Louise Truman shared the piece of advice, which she said worked 50 per cent of the time.


A woman has revealed how to get upgraded when asking flight crew – without paying for itCredit: Getty

In her video, captioned “how to ask for a free upgrade,” she told her thousands of followers that it was all about asking in the correct way.

She explained: “Simple and polite: ‘Are there any opportunities for free upgrades today? It’s a dream of mine to fly in business!'”

She also had another way to do it – by offering to fly on a different flight.

She continued: “Volunteer for an inconvenience: ‘I know this is a busy route, I’m happy taking the next flight if you’re able to upgrade my seat!’.”

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However, timing is key, as she said she asked flight attendants only when she had already boarded the plane.

The video has been liked more than 20,000 times.

One person said: “I’m going to try this on my next flight.”

Someone who claimed to work for an airline said: “Also…don’t dress like a bum. Used to work for an airline and this was a rule.”

When people asked how often this has worked for her, she said it was about half of the time, adding: “I’ve had 3 out of 6 long haul flights in the last year upgraded.”

She isn’t the only one to get free upgrades while travelling.

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Being polite and asking at the right time is the way to get a free business class upgrade


Being polite and asking at the right time is the way to get a free business class upgradeCredit: Getty


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