Ford Focus driver blasted as ‘entitled t**’ for parking over TWO bays


A FORD FOCUS driver has been blasted an “entitled t***” for “disgusting” parking after taking up two parent and child bays.

The mystery motorist sparked fury online, after the grey car was snapped parking across two spaces in a car park in Wythenshawe on Saturday morning.


The grey car was snapped parking across two spaces in a car park in Wythenshawe on Saturday morningCredit: MEN Media

Dad Tom, 43, shared a photo on Facebook of the grey car straddling the thick yellow lines that separate both bays.

He captioned the post “no comment”, but there was an outbreak of abuse.

The two wide bays are reserved for cars with children, although it’s unclear if this Ford had been carrying any kids.

The whistleblower Tom told the Manchester Evening News: “It didn’t really bother me as the car park was empty, but it’s just to show how selfish some people are.”

But social media users were fuming, commenting on his post that the parking was “disgusting”.

The unknown driver was also called “selfish” and “entitled t***” for the outrageous move.

Another comment said: “Yeah I saw this car too, disgusting no regard for others.” 

“They should have been issued with a ticket make them think before they do it next time.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a selfish driver has been threatened with punishment.

One such motorist was at risk of losing their licence earlier this year, after parking horizontally across a pavement with their bumper right up against a garden wall.

The driver of the blue five-door already had nine points on their licence when police officers confronted them again in January.

Parking is also a real source of road rage in Kent, where parents and locals have clashed over parking outside a school.

Cones are being trialled to section off a bus lane at Knockhall Primary School and tensions are rapidly rising at pick-up time.

Mum Olivia Newman said: “The residents are quite aggressive. One of them threatened to smash up my car.”

While one local said: “I’ve been offered out for fights and all sorts. The abuse is horrific. One told me to f*** off when I asked her why she’d parked on my drive.”


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