Five explosive Hollyoaks spoilers for this week


AS he struggles to free himself from his reliance on the bottle, John Paul McQueen is also tormented by a blackmailer.

This week in Hollyoaks, however, Olivia Bradshaw could get caught. Get the lowdown on all of this week’s drama.


John Paul is still recovering from a tragic crashCredit: LIME PICTURES
But he soon becomes suspicious of Olivia


But he soon becomes suspicious of OliviaCredit: LIME PICTURES

1. Olivia covers her tracks

Olivia (portrayed by Emily Burnett) is desperate to push John Paul out of Hollyoaks High and ready to swoop in and take his position.

She has resorted to a mean trick and began to blackmail John Paul following a tragic minibus crash he believes himself responsible for.

This week, however, dreams shatter for Olivia at the school.

John Paul makes a shocking discovery in upcoming scenes and grows more and more suspicious of Olivia’s involvement in his blackmail.

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A shocking voicemail from the deputy headteacher leaves Olivia on edge and she is forced to cover her tracks.

Too hungover to remember anything, John Paul forgets all about his discovery – until Prince rattles his memory.

At the park, John Paul exposes what he knows to Sally.

Who will she believe?

While this remains to be seen, Olivia stays fuelled by her ambitions and continues to work her way into Sally’s good books.

When Nancy mentions the nausea that some of the teenage boy’s body spray has been giving her, Olivia sees this as the perfect opportunity to shine.

John Paul McQueen is refusing all help for his alcohol addiction


John Paul McQueen is refusing all help for his alcohol addictionCredit: LIME PICTURES

2. John Paul burns bridges

Meanwhile, John Paul (James Sutton) continues to deal with his alcohol addiction behind closed doors.

This week, he is set to face the music and come clean when a shocking confrontation forces him to admit how severe his alcoholism has become.

He confides in Sally (Annie Wallace), forcing her to make an important decision.

But in a surprising move, when Sally approaches him again, John Paul refuses to speak with her.

Soon, another character gets involved, ready to get John Paul the help he needs.

But his sister Mercedes won't give him a choice


But his sister Mercedes won’t give him a choiceCredit: Lime Pictures

3. Mercedes takes action

What would the McQueens be without family?

John Paul continues to refuse Sally’s help and, soon, the latter decides that he needs one of his closest relatives to take the reins.

Sally choses none other than his sister, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) to ask for help.

Mercedes acts quickly and, when she finds John Paul drowning his sorrows, opts for a brutal solution.

Will John Paul’s demons finally be tamed?

Will Ste and Sienna be able to take Ethan down?


Will Ste and Sienna be able to take Ethan down?Credit: Lime Pictures

4. Ste and Sienna get an accomplice

Elsewhere, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) remain teamed up.

But the pair struggle to keep their earnings under the radar this week and turn to Ethan’s accountant Asher for help.

Whether Asher is trustworthy or not remains to be seen but Ste can count on Sienna to help him tackle a mould issue in later scenes.

However, Ethan soon shows his lack of trust with a shocking accusation.

After a night of threats from the criminal, Asher pays an unnerving visit to Sienna and Ste.

They work on a tight deadline to avoid consequences from Ethan’s
boss, known as “The Undertaker.”

Ready to make a risky move later on, Ste and Sienna are shocked when someone beats them to it.

Things take a troubling turn when an anonymous text message make Ste and Sienna assume somebody is on to them.

They both agree to meet with the sender… and come face to face with a surprising accomplice.

But who could it be?

Will their plan to destroy Ethan succeed?

Martine helps Zoe


Martine helps ZoeCredit: Lime pictures

5. Martine gets confident

Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) is in a pickle this week when the nude model for her art fundraiser cancels her appearance at the last minute.

Fortunately for her, Martine Westwood (Kéllé Bryan) decides to bite the bullet.

She accepts to strip off in a bid to show everyone she is not ashamed of her body.

Viewers know the character was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, 2021, after finding a suspicious lump.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6.30pm and on E4 at 7pm.


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