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EastEnders’ Clair Norris opens up about horrific bullying

EASTENDERS star Clair Norris turned presenter on Wednesday, as she fronted a BBC Panorama episode.

The actress broke down during her BBC documentary, titled Obesity: Who Cares if I’m Bigger?, as she discussed being bullied for her weight.

Clair revisited her old primary school in Thamesmead and viewers could see she visibly struggled during a conversation about her childhood and being called names.

Clair said: “This is probably where the name-calling would have happened I don’t say it’s bullying that’s my own personal thing.”

Her mum then recalled: “You didn’t even see it as bullying.

“It wasn’t until other people pointed it out, and they were like ‘but they’re calling her this’ and you were like, ‘yeah they call me chubby but that is just their nickname for me’.”

As Clair began to cry, her mother comforted her viewers took to Twitter to praise the EastEnders actress for opening up about her experience.

One fan wrote: “Bravo to @clair_norris_ for tonight’s honest and thought provoking documentary on obesity. It handled the subject with warmth and sensitivity and asked important questions.”

A second said: “Such a fab, informative documentary, well overdue, with so much hate on social media and trolls, we all need a little more depth and consideration in our lives, well done Clair x”

And another has asked for Clair to front more documentaries, saying: “Loved that @clair_norris_! Great perspective on weight and a different angle – focussing on lived experiences and how real people are overcoming obesity. When’s the sequel?”


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