Elon MUST allow Trump back on Twitter after ‘nuts’ ban, Piers demands


Piers: ‘Trump, your absurd delusion the 2020 election was rigged’

This is a comment piece by Piers Morgan

You call me ‘Fake News Media’, claiming that I ‘attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit’ the 30-second promo we released yesterday to promote the interview.

But ironically, that claim is itself fake news.

You said all the things we see you saying in that promo, and they are an accurate representation of the most contentious part of our interview.

So, in fact, it’s YOUR disingenuous statement that is misleading.

The bottom line is that we had a wide-ranging conversation about a number of issues, many of which I agreed with you about.

This certainly wasn’t a Trump-bashing interview, as you know. I’ve always tried to be fair about you.

But when I told you I don’t believe the 2020 election was either rigged or stolen from you, you got angry and called me a ‘fool’ seven times.

You reiterated in your statement that I’m a fool if I truly believe those results.

Well, I do — as do many senior Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Mike Pence — so I guess I must identify myself, by your criteria, as a fool.

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