Duggar fans rip Anna for ‘free speech’ tweet while BLOCKING comments about Josh


DUGGAR fans are ripping Anna for liking a tweet about “free speech” while blocking all social media comments about husband Josh.

The father of seven was arrested and found guilty on charges related to child pornography in 2021.


Duggar fans are slamming Anna over comments about free speechCredit: Toby Canham
Many noted that she refuses to allow comments about Josh Duggar online


Many noted that she refuses to allow comments about Josh Duggar onlineCredit: AP

On Tuesday, a Reddit thread featuring a tweet from Elon Musk about free speech – liked by Anna – surfaced online.

The original poster slammed the former 19 Kids and Counting star, writing: “Anna, babydoll, hang it UP. Nobody wants to use their free speech [to] defend your crusty, dusty, musty husband.”

Elon’s tweet read: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

In the thread, several Duggar critics noted that Anna regularly deletes comments about her husband.

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One Reddit user wrote: “This from the woman that won’t let anyone comment on her Instagram photos.”

Another particularly harsh commenter wrote: “Anna has more kids than she has IQ points if she truly does not understand the irony of liking this post, on multiple levels.”

A third Reddit commenter wrote: “LOL that’s so f**king rich, Anna. I know you block your critics so hard on Twitter.”

Another added: “Lol as if the Duggars are supporters of free speech or any kind of intellectual discourse.”

Anna has largely been quiet on social media amid the scandal surrounding her husband.

Although she hasn’t been posting much, she does occasionally resurface to comment on certain posts.

Earlier this month, Counting On fans noticed a suggestive comment on brother-in-law Joe Duggar’s Instagram post.

In the 2019 photo, Joe, 27, and Kendra, 23, were shown celebrating Easter, also known as “Resurrection Day.”

Joe and his wife are the parents of children Garrett, 3, Addison, 2, and Brooklyn, one. 

Kendra’s husband carried his infant in his arm.

While wearing his suit, his face appeared unshaven and had a bit of stubble. 

They shared a passage from the Bible along with the photo: “We are so thankful we serve a God that came to earth and lived a perfect and sinless life. 

“He died the death that we deserved if we by faith trust Him as our Savior, we have the privilege of living with Him in Heaven.”

Anna mentioned her brother-in-law’s scruff-covered face, writing in the comments: “I like that beard, Joe” along with with a beard emoji. 

Fans slammed Anna’s remark, calling it “desperate” in the comments section.

One fan wrote: “’Risking it all!’ Love this take!”

Another fan added: “Careful Kendra, Anna’s coming after your man!”

A third fan mentioned: “Watch your man Kendra!”

A fourth person chimed in: “This reeks of desperation from Anna.”


Although Josh is currently behind bars with no access to cellphones or social media, fans are still talking about him and some of his more crude comments from the past.

In March, old footage from the Duggar family’s TLC reality show surfaced, leaving fans horrified.

In the throwback clip from the second season of the TLC show, Josh and Anna recalled how they met.

The segment kicked off with Duggar patriarch Jim Bob, 56, telling cameras: “About three years ago this is where Josh met Anna.”

The clip then cut to Josh and Anna sharing the story of their first encounter as they comfortably stood with their arms around each other.

Anna said: “We met at the concession stand. Great place to meet.”

Josh then made the uncomfortable joke, stating: “Well, you are what you eat.”

Both Anna and Josh broke into laughter after the comment, though some Counting On fans thought the joke was “degrading.”

On the Reddit thread, one person slammed the couple by writing: “So many times Anna has her head seemingly velcroed to Josh’s shoulder like she has no backbone to stand on her own……oh, wait a minute…. His gross comment ‘you are what you eat’ and Anna’s embarrassment.”

That same week, another shocking resurfaced clip made its way onto Reddit.

It showed Anna bragging that Josh was “riding in a cop car.”

Josh was also previously ripped by fans for making a “creepy sex joke” during a birthing class with his wife.

One week before that, Josh was slammed for making another inappropriate joke while attending a doctor’s appointment with his wife.

In the old 19 Kids and Counting clip, Anna went to the doctor seeking a change in her prenatal vitamins because she was struggling to take them.

She sat on the table, while Josh stood next to her with his hand on her back.

“I need to get chewables because I can’t swallow right now with the morning sickness,” Anna told the professional.

The doctor inquired: “Are they just hard to swallow?”

Josh jumped in to answer for her, making a sexual joke.

He said: “She’s like the master at swallowing. 

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“But as soon as she’s been going through the morning sickness, she cannot do it at all.”

The father-of-seven gave a smile and a laugh, though fans on Reddit said Anna looked uncomfortable after the sexual pun.

Anna and Josh have seven kids


Anna and Josh have seven kidsCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
Josh is currently in jail after being arrested on charges of child pornography


Josh is currently in jail after being arrested on charges of child pornographyCredit: Instagram
The couple is still married


The couple is still marriedCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

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