Coronation Street fans in stitches as George Shuttleworth takes drastic action to please Eileen in bed


CORONATION Street fans were left in stitches as George Shuttleworth took drastic action to please girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw in bed.

The funeral director – who is played by actor Tony Maudsley in the ITV soap – had been hiding something from Eileen Grimshaw for weeks.


Coronation Street viewers were left in fits of laughter when George Shuttleworth took drastic action to please Eileen Grimshaw
Todd was shocked to see George at the back of the hearse


Todd was shocked to see George at the back of the hearse

But he finally revealed that he is a snorer and admitted it had ruined relationships in the past.

Determined for this not to happen again, George stayed awake all night as he spent the night at Eileen’s.

He later told Todd that he didn’t sleep a wink as he was terrified he’d start snoring and wake Eileen up.

After a couple of energy drinks, George nearly fell asleep behind the wheel of the hearse.

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Thinking on his feet, the undertaker saw his opportunity to get some shut-eye and jumped in the back of the hearse.

Unaware that George was catching up on his sleep, Todd got in the driving seat and started the engine.

George suddenly woke up and gave a loud groan, which left Todd terror-stricken as he caught a glimpse in the mirror of someone moving in the back.

Sleep deprived George told Todd: “You gave me a startle.”

Nearly jumping out of his skin, Todd exclaimed: “I gave you a startle, I’m going to have to change my kecks.

“What are you even doing back there?”

George explained: “Funny story actually, I was back here buffing the runners.”

Todd interrupted: “Let me stop you there boss, you’ve been mainlining energy drinks all morning, you’ve got the attention span of a grapefruit and now this stunt.”

George later revealed that he was staying awake all night as a solution to his snoring – saying he wanted to be a “gentleman” to Eileen and was the only way to “safeguard” their relationship.

“I was going to try and limit it to two nights, three at a push,” George told Todd.

An alarmed Todd replied: “That’s ridiculous, you are building your relationship of a literal bed of lies.

“She’ll never forgive you if you carry on like this, you’ve got to tell her.”

Viewers were left in hysterics at the extreme lengths George went to for a kip.

One wrote: “George cracks me up.”

Another posted: “Eileen said she can tolerate George,” and a laughing emoji.

George later came clean to Eileen but she managed to convince him to stay.

Will there be more sleepless nights for George?

Eileen finally came clean to Eileen about his snoring


Eileen finally came clean to Eileen about his snoringCredit: ITV

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