Brutal Keane response to Matic saying Man Utd ‘always in my heart’ ahead of exit


ROY KEANE mocked Nemanja Matic’s heartfelt goodbye to Manchester United and accused Ralf Rangnick of treating the 1-1 home draw with Chelsea like a ‘testimonial’.

Old Trafford legend Keane derided Matic for saying United ‘will always be in my heart’ and attacked Rangnick for bringing on Juan Mata rather than gunning for victory with young subs.


Nemanja Matic says he’ll decide his future after his last three games for Man UtdCredit: Getty
Roy Keane reckons Juan Mata was only brought on for sentimental reasons


Roy Keane reckons Juan Mata was only brought on for sentimental reasonsCredit: Getty

Matic, 33,  waved farewell to fans as he left the pitch afterwards ahead of a free transfer this summer.

And fellow midfielder Mata, 34, also seems certain to depart the club.

Serbia anchorman Matic told Sky Sports: “It was a pleasure, an honour, to play at Old Trafford for the five years.

“Three more games to play and United will stay forever in my heart – together of course with Chelsea as I also played for Chelsea.

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“For me, it was an honour to be part of everything.”

But Keane had the Sky Sports team chuckling as he mimicked footballers professing their love for their clubs.

The ex-United hardman scoffed: “Matic talking about I’m leaving…’I’ve had a great time, Man Utd will always be in my heart .. oh, and Chelsea by the way.. oh, and Benfica – don’t forget them’.”

But Keane’s criticism became more scathing when he slated Rangnick for being sentimental over ageing players.

The Irishman said: “Mata has come on for Man United again tonight, he’s come on the last few games.

“You’ve got some young kids on the bench – get them on.

“It’s like a tribute to Mata, I thought it was his testimonial tonight.

“You’re Man United, you’re fighting for points, you’re playing for pride.

“It’s all like ‘we’ll give him a game, we’ll bring [Phil] Jones on, everyone gets a round of applause’.

“You’re there to try and win a game of football for Man Utd.

“Forget all this ‘oh, we’ll give someone 20 minutes because he’s leaving in a few weeks’ – actually you should have left two years ago, a few of them.”


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