All the cancelled flights this summer as Brits face more holiday chaos


THOUSANDS of flights have been cancelled in recent weeks due to Covid, with fears this could continue into the summer.

Along with huge queues at UK airports, nine-hour lines to Dover port and families waiting more than 10 weeks for a new passport, summer could be even worse for Brits.


Airlines such as BA have already had to cancel a number of their summer flightsCredit: Reuters

Many families had to cancel their holidays during the Easter break due to a number of travel disruptions – and summer could be just as bad.

Airlines and airports are suffering from a shortage in staff which isn’t helped by a slow process in vetting them – one industry figure told the Times: “Aviation was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, suffered from a lack of targeted support, and is now facing a summer disrupted by the government being slow in vetting staff.”

Lucy Moreton, from the Immigration Services Union, previously said: “Combined with the fact it takes nearly a year to fully train a Border Force officer, we’re going into not just this summer but this weekend catastrophically under-staffed, with people beginning to travel again.”

And it’s not just in the UK, after thousands of travellers missed their flights at airports in Spain due to huge queues, which could affects Brits heading to the country during the peak season.

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We’ve rounded up the current summer flight cancellations that Brits should be aware of, as well as the latest update from the UK’s major airlines.

British Airways

The UK flag carrier has reduced their flight schedule until June, in an attempt to prevent last minute cancellations.

While this was meant to only last until May, this has since been extended to the end of June.

British Airways hasn’t confirmed which flights will be affected, but have said it will be on routes where there is another option that same day.

The airline has also suspended a number of their long haul routes over summer due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

British Airways has cancelled UK flights to Miami, Hong Kong and Tokyo throughout the summer, with plans to scrap the routes for at least four months.


While easyJet has been forced to cancel thousands of flights in the past month, the airline has said they are not expecting to continue this during the summer months.

EasyJet’s cheif executive Johan Lundgren said the airline has recruited more than 1,000 new staff ahead of the summer season.

Many of easyJet’s cancellations have been due to shortages caused by Covid, both from staff sickness and a slow return to recruitment.


Ryanair hasn’t been affected by the recent flight cancellations, nor have they announced any summer cancellations.

However, the airline has been forced to reduce a number of flights from the UK to Croatia, including to Zagreb in May.


TUI has avoided many of the flight cancellations, and expects summer to be back to “pre-Covid levels”.

The airline also launched a new system allowing Brits to drop their suitcases off at Manchester Airport the night before their flight, following the queue chaos.


Jet2 is also still operating a normal flight schedule this summer.

The airline has even added more flights this summer to hotspots such as Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

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Here is how to claim compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

And an airline worker has revealed the three things you should do if your flight is canceled.

EasyJet and British Airways have been forced to cancel the most flights


EasyJet and British Airways have been forced to cancel the most flightsCredit: Reuters


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