Aliens may have created our universe in a secret space lab, top professor claims


OUR universe may actually be the work of aliens, according to a top scientist’s wild theory.

The mystery of what happened before the Big Bang, and ultimately how we came to exist, has long boggled experts.


Are we simply lab rats belonging to aliens?Credit: Getty

But Professor Avi Loeb from Harvard University believes it may have all started in a secret alien lab.

He reckons we could be part of a “baby universe” created by an “advanced technological civilisation”.

Super intelligent aliens apparently pulled it off using a special technique called quantum tunnelling.

If true, this would unify the religious idea of a creator with the notion of quantum gravity.

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“Since our universe has a flat geometry with a zero net energy, an advanced civilization could have developed a technology that created a baby universe out of nothing through quantum tunnelling,” he said.

His unsettling theory also puts beings in a class system based on intelligence.

And unfortunately humans don’t come out well.

As a civilisation dependent on a star, the Sun, we’re class C.

But our smart universe creators are right up there in class A.

Should we work out a way to become independent of the Sun, we’d move up to class B.

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For now, it’s all just theory of course.

There’s no actual evidence we are simply lab rats created by distant aliens just yet.

Clever aliens are a class A civilisation, while humans are merely class C


Clever aliens are a class A civilisation, while humans are merely class CCredit: Getty

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